Device for electromuscular stimulation

Multifunctional 6-in-1 beauty device, including the following modes: cleansing by vibro-acoustic therapeutic function, cryotherapy, electro-muscular stimulation (EMS), nourishing / hydrating mode, cold collagen synthesis, blue and red photon therapies. Successfully reduces fat accumulation, wrinkles, pigmentation, acne, redness, shrinks pores, gives a lifting effect and evens out skin tone. Increases the results and efficiency of applying various cosmetic products in depth.

Promo price - €147

Релаксираща терапия, която подобрява циркулацията на кръвта, стимулира обновяването на клетките, намалява фините линии и прави бръчките по-малко видими, кожата изглежда освежена и подмладена. С помощта на специалния режим за дълбока хидратация можете да вкарвате различни серуми, ампули и всякакъв тип козметични продукти в дълбочина, а чрез функциите за криотерапия да заключите всички нутриенти вътре в кожата за максимум ефект и оптимални резултати, да свиете порите и да придадете младежки вид на своята кожа. След всяка процедура с уреда EMS/Cryo 6 в 1 на Karlton Electronics кожата ви става все по-сияйна и стегната.

Electromuscular stimulation (EMS) is an innovative and non-invasive method of facelift that gives remarkable results and successfully combats aging and sagging skin. An electric massage of the skin is performed through a number of low-frequency micropulses, which tones it, smoothes wrinkles and tightens the muscles that form the oval of the face.



A remarkable and easy to use device! I have been battling redness and acne for years and decided to rely on a more innovative method. I use it with anti-acne creams and the effects are amazing!

Евгения Делчева

I came across the Karlton Electronics device by chance and decided to test its various functions on my skin. Refreshment and cleansing of the problem area was achieved easily. I especially like the red photon light, which smoothes fine wrinkles.

Дара Стоянова

I used to spend a lot of money on cosmetic procedures and I had to look for a more reliable and budget-friendly method for lifting and shaping of the skin. The Karlton Electronics device is truly multifunctional and saves both money and time. Great results!

Надя Димитрова