Radio frequency lifting device

Radiofrequency lifting device with tricolor photon therapy in combination with patented jade stone technology. A faithful ally in the fight against smoothing wrinkles, treatment of acne, rosacea, pigmentation, enlarged pores, successfully affects cellulite, suitable for use on the face and body.
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Dr. Eliya Kostova, owner of the Neutropia Clinic, uses this Karlton Electronics radiofrequency lifting device in her medical practice, which is a guarantee for the success and safety of the technology. You can see more details in Dr. Kostova’s article.

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Уредът е предназначен за стягане и подхранване на кожа от всякакъв тип. Спомага за изглаждане на бръчките и лифтинг, както и за терапия на акне. Подходящ за лице и тяло, може да се използва и в зоните около очите и върху устните. По време на радиочестотния лифтинг, уредът генерира топлина, която се абсорбира от по-долните слоеве на кожата, като по този начин стимулира производството на колаген.

The program, using different degrees of vibration, is designed specifically for highly effective deep cleansing of the skin and creates an incredible feeling of purity and comfort. Radio frequency waves, in turn, bring in the right amount of heat, leading to physical stimulation and changes in the state of the human cell. They stimulate the cell membrane, improve the condition of the epidermis, and gentle heat accelerates the metabolism and regeneration of epidermal tissue.

Radiofrequency increases the permeability of the skin, allowing nutrients and healing substances to be absorbed by cells and into the deeper layers. Stimulates collagen production, cell regeneration and blood circulation. Fine wrinkles are smoothed, cell elasticity is improved and fat deposits are reduced.

Depending on individual needs, cosmetic solutions can be used to improve various aspects of skin health and appearance.

In addition to its main feature of a radio frequency lifting device, the device has the additional function of emitting polychromatic light in a wide range of visible light and part of the infrared range. The combination of working with these regimens, plus the different degrees of vibration force, makes it the perfect weapon in the fight against cellulite and fat deposits.

With the help of our home device for radiofrequency lifting, the fatty acids of the cell are successfully regulated, the creation of new ones is stimulated, the metabolism is improved, the permeability of the cell membrane for oxygen and water is increased, blood plasma is increased, lymphatic circulation is stimulated.

The effects of radiofrequency therapy are related to the effects of the passage of waves through tissues and the absorption of mechanical energy.

LED therapy is a painless method for rejuvenation and treatment of skin problems through light. It is preferred precisely because of the comfort of sparing the skin. It is based on the interaction of the epidermis with the light supplied by LEDs, which causes biostimulation of cellular receptors. LED light therapy works by emitting therapeutic (harmless) wavelengths of light on the skin. This stimulates cell regeneration and the production of collagen and elastin to reduce inflammation and speed up the healing process. At the same time it improves microcirculation and cell metabolism, which renews and regenerates the skin.

Thanks to Karlton Electronics, you have the opportunity to perform procedures with radiofrequency lifting at home at a time convenient for you. Order easily online with fast delivery throughout the country!


I have sensitive skin that is prone to inflammation. With the help of the green and blue photon lights on the device, my face began to clear and the irritation was significantly reduced. I recommend it to anyone who has the same problem. Thank you, Karlton Electronics!

Гергана Маринова

I have been using the device for 3 weeks in combination with wrinkle cream and I am satisfied with the effect achieved so far! It is very suitable for use in the home environment and saves me time in everyday life.

Десислава Богданова

My work is very dynamic and I often don’t have time for beauty treatments. With age, my skin began to relax, so I decided to buy a Karlton radiofrequency lifting device, which I could also combine to clean my face. The purchase turned out to be a great solution and saves me time and money!

Елена Георгиева