Photoepilation and photorejuvenation device

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Dr. Eliya Kostova, owner of the Neutropia Clinic, uses a Karlton Electronics photoepilator in her medical practice, which is a guarantee for the success and safety of the technology.

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IPL photorejuvenation is a non-invasive procedure that uses intense pulsed light to remove the traces of aging on neck, chest and arms.It successfully treats wrinkles thanks to the pulsed light, the skin is encouraged to start producing new collagen and the regenerative processes of the skin are stimulated.

Acne treatment

Thanks to its powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action and through a photochemical reaction that is transformed into heat energy, all affected areas will become as new again. It is the heating of the dermis that stimulates the metabolic and restorative processes in the skin. Increases blood circulation and improves skin nutrition, which leads to increased local immunity and regulation of sebaceous gland functions.

Pigmentation, scars, stretch marks

Photorejuvenation has the unique ability to treat many symptoms caused by the process of skin aging. It is effective in combating fine wrinkles, redness, uneven complexion, permanently dilated capillaries, various types of pigmentation, freckles, blemishes, enlarged pores, rough skin, skin with reduced tone and elasticity, various skin damage caused by the sun. The results are remarkable: rejuvenated, smooth and refreshed skin, as well as an increased self-confidence. IPL can also treat problem areas on the neck, chest and arms, where the first signs of aging start to show.

The advantages of photoepilation through IPL technology

IPL stands for “Intense Pulsed Light”. When treated with an IPL photoepilator, the follicle is placed in a state of rest by means of gentle light pulses at the root of the hair. The extremely advanced technology makes the process gentle, completely painless and safe. IPL helps to gradually reduce the growth and amount of hair, and subsequent treatments make the skin visibly smooth and beautiful. Repeated hair treatments are safe and gentle even in the most delicate areas.

IPL photorejuvenation and aesthetic dermatology (successfully treats wrinkles, acne, pigmentation, stretch marks, scars, rosacea)

IPL technology is used in aesthetic medicine clinics due to its high efficiency and proven results in the treatment of dermatological imperfections such as wrinkles, acne, stretch marks, scars, vascular lesions, dilated capillaries, rosacea, birthmarks, successfully removes dilated pores, improves skin density and strength.

The intense pulsed light of our photoepilation device gently stimulates the skin to produce more collagen, and it plays a key role in providing structural protection to cells, tissues and organs.

The principle is the same as in photoepilation – IPL targets the dark pigment in the skin. For hair removal, it is the melanin, and for facial rejuvenation it is the redness and darker pigments on the skin.

Following of a precise schedule and results of the procedures with our photoepilation device:

1. When starting to work with the photoepilator, it is necessary to perform the procedures every 3 to 5 days for the first month. Patience is needed during this period, as there will be no immediate visible results.

2. During the second month of use, for optimal results, the photoepilator is used once a week. Hair visibly thins and decreases during this period.

3. In the third month, you can use once every 15 days. Hair growth is reduced by up to 80%, and all new hairs are extremely thin and easy to remove.

4. In the fourth month, the photoepilator is used once every 30 days. Hair is minimized and you can enjoy silky smooth skin.

IPL photoepilator – suitable for a wide range of skin types

Karlton Electronics photoepilators are effective in a wide range of hair and skin types. The technology is suitable and gives long-lasting results for naturally dark blonde, brown and black hair. The same goes for very pale to dark brown skin types.

Most types of photoepilation do not give the desired results for white, gray, natural light blonde or red hair, as well as for very dark skin. This is due to the levels of melanin in specific hair types, as well as the high contrast between the pigment in hair color and the pigment in skin tone.

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Is photoepilation safe?

The product is clinically tested and completely safe to use. The necessary steps for use and maximum efficiency are described in detail in the manual.

Is photoepilation of the face safe?

It is recommended to use the photoepilator in the areas under the cheekbones to avoid direct proximity to the eyes.

Are there any side effects?

Proper use of the appliance should not have any side effects. Minor skin reactions such as warming and slight redness are possible, which is completely normal and disappears soon after the procedure.