HIFU lifting device

Non-operative lifting device, HIFU SMAS technology (up-to-date and present in all high-tech aesthetic centers), WITHOUT surgical intervention, WITHOUT multiple expensive procedures, WITHIN your possibilities and in the comfort of your own home, in your free time.

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Dr. Eliya Kostova, owner of the Neutropia Clinic, uses Karlton Electronics’ HIFU lifting device in her medical practice, which is a guarantee for the success and safety of the technology. You can see more details in Dr. Kostova’s article.

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Advantages of having a HIFU device:

Visiting cosmetic aesthetic centers in our already hectic daily lives costs a significant amount of time, is associated with substantial sums of money paid for each procedure, which is calculated on the basis of individual areas that we want to treat, and this makes access to such therapies unbearable for many.

The professional high-tech equipment, designed to perform procedures on multiple patients, is at an extremely high market price, which is not available to the average user, and maintenance supplies exceed the budget of the average person. It is in this niche that the need for a device accessible to the general public arose.

If desired, this HIFU device can be used in a small beauty studio for professional purposes, without requiring either the education or the experience of a professional or doctor.

Anyone can learn to use the device in the comfort of their home in their spare time, without unnecessary complications and without spending a ton of money on multiple series of procedures.

You can pay just once and have a HIFU device available for years of use, without consumables, without the need for expensive recharging or maintenance, available to serve your needs at any convenient time.

Choose Karlton Electronics to buy a high-end device at a good price!

At Karlton Electronics, with all our years of experience, we have proven to be a team that is in constant communication with all its customers. We not only advise customers on ways to use our devices, but also take an interest in the individual needs of each buyer and his personal condition.

We share best practices, comment on usage variations, and we are where big chains fail to reach – namely personal attitude and care.

Our team is always available, ready to discuss various cases and cooperate, because the success of our customers is our success, and this is the best advertising we can count on – personal experience and positive feelings, not only from the product, but also from the service even after its purchase and during the whole process of use.

The innovative methods in aesthetic dermatology solve a series of skin problems. One of the most impressive results is achieved with the HIFU device, which is designed to tighten and nourish skin of all types. It can be used to smooth wrinkles, facelifting, acne therapy, shrinking enlarged pores, improving circles under the eyes, pigmentation and shaping the entire contour of the body and all areas of sagging skin.

Suitable for face and body, it can be used in the areas around the eyes and on the lips. During focused ultrasound lifting, the device generates heat, which is absorbed by the lower layers of the skin, thus stimulating collagen production.

Erasing the traces of aging with medical HIFU lifting compensates for the shortcomings of all non-operative lifting procedures, as HIFU therapy is distinguished not only by its greater effectiveness, but also by its revolutionary method of operation. The superficial as well as the deep layers of the skin are treated extremely effectively, up to the superficial muscular aponeurotic system (SMAS – the layer covering the muscles), with a three-layer lifting effect.

The procedures work by heating, stimulating the existing collagen fibers, which causes them to thicken and shorten, resulting in long-term tightening and lifting.

History of HIFU technology:

In the first generation models (2013-2014), the nozzle barely has 100 sources of wave generation, which is negligible compared to current equipment. With the old technology, each impulse caused just a 100 coagulation points. In the second generation models (2015-2017), the nozzle has been developed to generate 300 coagulation points. For the next generation models (after 2017-2019), the tips are also scanning, with each pulse generating 500 coagulation points.

With Karlton Electronics’ latest model, each pulse generates over 1,200 coagulation points (12 times more than 1st generation devices). This allows the desired effect to be achieved faster and the lifting to be more lasting in the long run.

Get your HIFU lifting device at an affordable price now and achieve the dream results you deserve, at home!

The device is very convenient to use. I bought it mainly to deal with sagging facial skin and I am very pleased with the results. I use it periodically to nourish and smooth. There is also a detailed instruction guide, which helps a lot of people who have no professional experience and use the device at home.

Гергана Христодорова

If you are looking for a painless and effective way to tighten the skin, try the Karlton Electronics device. Besides the face, I also treat problem areas on my body. Great product!

Лидия Петрова

If you are looking for a painless and effective way to tighten the skin, try the Karlton Electronics device. Besides the face, I also treat problem areas on my body. High quality product!

Невелина Георгиева